Meet Khay

'The Divine In Me Recognizes The Divine In You...'


Hi, my name is Khay and that's my philosophy of Yoga.  I'm inviting you to my weekly yoga sessions at the splendidly gorgeous STUDIO 58 in Downtown Newark beginning February 13.


I've been a Yogi for seven years now and I've traveled to India, Mexico and South America to hone my skills with some of the best practitioners and also to teach.

I've personally never been the same since I took up Yoga seven years ago. How did I start out? I kept asking a friend of mine how was it that she looked so fit and young, even though I also considered myself to be in excellent shape. One day she took me to her yoga session and the rest was history. I quit my membership in the New York Sports Club and never looked back.


I'm a Certified Yoga Instructor for both Prenatal Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. I teach all levels from children to elders. I focus on playful practice with an emphasis on longevity and alignment. In my class you'll be asked to use all of your senses: to grow into each and every posture with the breath being the thread throughout.


These are some of the things Yoga has offered me: mental relaxation and serenity; physical strength and flexibility; stamina and dexterity and endurance. The first words I hear from friends who haven't seen me for years are variations of "you look so glowy," "you look so exuberant," "you look so toned," "you look so much younger," and "you get more beautiful every time I see you."


I want your friends, family and loved ones to say the same about you. My classes pull from colorful imagery and metaphors with lovely musical notes. Be prepared to challenge yourself. Be prepared to trust your breath and body!


I also offer a private rate for group sessions where I can travel to teach you at your location. Private practice lets you get hands on adjustments that can really grow your practice. I get to look at your form close-up and we make adjustments on the spot.


With my partner we also offer 4-hand MASSAGE sessions and we bring our portable table to you accompanied by wonderful music.



Get in touch with me through for any additional information about the class or to book me for private yoga or massage sessions.



See you every Thursday in class! The class is OPEN LEVEL so all are welcome.


The Class hours: 5.30PM - 6:30PM and 7PM - 8PM. Donations: $13 and Mats Available for Rent.


I offer discounts for groups of 4-plusLimited Space: Reserve Now.

Location: Studio 58  @ 58 Park Place, Newark, New Jersey, 07102. Across from Military Park, Near Best Western Treat Hotel & WBGO.


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